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 Bop movers (Business or Pleasures Movers), are well known for moving New York City. Of all the moving companies in the area, we are the first choice customers call when they want to move their home or apartment locally. 

We help our customers handle every aspect of their move from moving quote and pick up at where the move originates to arrival and installation at final destination.


Moving in New York City no longer is a hassle when you move with Bop movers. We coordinate and manage a local or Long distance move with ease, choosing the best routes to avoid rush hour traffic jams and gridlock, road, bridge and tunnel construction and pothole repairs.

Moving in New York City is easy. We navigate around in Manhattan or the five boroughs because we thoroughly know the city and the best routes to take when moving locally. No need to worry about prevailing weather conditions, all our drivers are experienced in driving around town and getting from borough to borough. All our movers are experienced professionals. 

They are routinely screened, are drug and alcohol free and take pride in their work as movers. We do not subcontract any of our jobs. The move you are promised is the move you get- satisfaction guaranteed. 

So whether you are moving in New York City from a studio apartment or one bedroom, a townhouse, a house , a Co-op, a condo or large multiple dwelling locally, it can be as easy as picking up phone and calling us today and leave the moving to us.